Customer Service Lead: Experienced, Innovative & Sharp

This Customer Service Professional is passionate about assisting others. Supervisors say she is a hard worker, a quick learner, and motivated to take on new responsibilities with a great attitude.

  • Background in customer service working both as a call center representative and in a lead role. Experience includes responsibility for supervising almost 100 coaches, supervisors, and representatives.
  • Set metrics, trains and coaches supervisors and new hires, schedules, and acts as a liaison between the customer service department and management.
  • Handles 100-150 inbound calls a day, places orders, takes payments, handles customer inquiries/de-escalations, and meets metrics in a call center environment.
  • To increase employee satisfaction on her team, she implemented an “affirmation email system”, consisting of thank you’s coworkers can send to each other expressing their appreciation.
  • Implemented a communication system between leadership, which was used to streamline the transmission of information from one supervisor to another.